3 Tips For Choosing Bedroom Curtains in Singapore

Bedrooms are safe, private havens, especially appreciated by those belonging to the working population, as you can truly unwind in one, at the end of a long busy day. Think about it, you do not have to adhere to all the social norms of sitting in a presentable manner.

Ask yourself in what kind of living space can you truly relax. Of course, living space will incorporate a large number of things, but in this case, we are referring to the most important aspect that ‘there is no place like my bedroom’, every person will give greater importance to. If you have guessed curtains, then you are right.

In Singapore, Curtains are those lovely lengths of fabric, covering your bedroom window/s while making your living space picturesque, and they have the added benefit of keeping the peeping Toms from peeping in.

However, some people just do not understand the importance of these useful, yet beautiful lengths of cloth. Picture a beige room at the back of a house where little sunlight can struggle its way inside with large bay windows hideously covered up with purple velvet curtains. A little common sense will allow one to see that there is no need to have heavy velvet curtains when they serve no purpose (keeping light out, etc).

On the other hand, some people choose wisely, and really take into account the location, look, and window size before going out to purchase curtains. Here are some tips from these sensible fellows. Follow their advice, and you will succeed in refraining from decreasing the usefulness of curtains, and creating an eyesore for yourself!

Location of the bedroom: You need to determine how much light and air will enter the room in order to choose your curtain fabric. This is important because most people prefer to keep out sunlight, especially during the wee morning hours. In such a case, use heavy materials like velvet, or do layers. You can have sheer net curtains with cotton ones, as the top layer. During the course of the day, you can always tie one layer, or both of them to the side with a stylish rope. If it is too hot and humid with no gentle breeze swaying in at the particular angle your room is situated in, then it is best to keep the curtains closed.

Privacy issues: If you live out in the ‘boonies’ that is to say, away from civilisation then there is little risk of passers-by, or nosy neighbours looking in through your window. Hence, you can get away with using very sheer fabric for your curtains.

Choose colours in accordance with your bedroom theme: You definitely want to select a colour for your curtains to enhance the look of your room. If you try contrasting tones, you might make a major blunder, and not realise it until the curtains are stitched and hanging on the window. So, make sure you take into account the colour of walls and furniture while going material shopping for the curtains in Singapore.