5 reasons why you would Blinds over Curtains

The blinds vs. curtains debate has been on-going for quite some time already. Before, it almost always boils down to a matter of personal preference, as there are certainly pros and cons to both. However, in recent years, there has been a substantial shift of preference for window blinds among young homeowners. We list down 5 reasons why most homeowners are leaning towards blinds.


Minimalistic style

Newer blinds, like the TimberCast, exude a luxurious charm. As more homeowners in Singapore are going for the minimal, modern look for their home, curtains are slowly falling out of favour as only a few materials can emulate the same mood that blinds like TimberCast give off.

Blinds can also imbue a sense of structure to space. Classic white blinds exude a classic colonial beauty, while TimberCast is great for portraying that ‘hotel’ suite looks in a home.


Convenient to maintain

Given our busy lifestyle, it can be a ton of work to clean our window dressings, especially for curtains where you would need to take it down, wash it in the machine, wait for it to dry, and hang them up again.


Blinds are easier to maintain in this aspect – all you need to do is to give the slat and simple and quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust. Additionally, they last for a longer period as compared to curtains.


Enjoy complete privacy and control over the quantity of light

Using window blinds grant you a level of privacy that you can’t get when you use curtains. With blinds, you are able to control the quantity of light and privacy with a really easy action. The slats can be controlled in a way for minimal light to pass through, as well as offer the home privacy.


Fully customisable

This is one of the most popular reasons for the rise in popularity of blinds – the ability to customise! TimberCast blinds, for example, is fully customisable. From the slats to the colour of your string, homeowners are given full freedom to create the blinds in the style and colour of their choice!



As our BTO get smaller, so do our usable space. With curtains, the material would usually take up a much larger space. To make efficient use of space, more homeowners now are choosing to install blinds for their window dressings as they are more compact and can be rolled up at the sides of the window.


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