5 Service Yard Design Ideas


Increase storage spaces by going vertical: fixing in overhead shelves, cupboards or even a clothing rack. This frees up floor space which could be used for other purposes to enhance the area and increase convenience by storing laundry supplies close-by. It also prevents clutter by keeping things organized.



Window blinds are one of the most essential and beneficial additions to a service yard. They are stronger and durable, more suited for areas with moisture as you can easily find a waterproof one. They provide complete security and privacy whenever you require it. Saliently, they also protect furniture exposed by the magnified sun rays through glass windows from sun damage. Not only are Window blinds affordable and cost-effective, but they can also actually serve as an investment, especially because they can lower the amount of heat coming into the house and hence reduce the amount of energy consumed by air-conditioning. Last but not least, it is the easiest and fastest way to elevate the aesthetics of the service yard.


A natural, simple and no-frills way to immediately brighten and beautify your service yard is to add greenery. These plants are also beneficial to health as they naturally purify the air and heightens ease of breathing. Another incentive is that they are proven by studies to speed up recovery time of illness, fatigue, stress, and anxiety, which can come easily to one due to a fast-paced lifestyle balancing, work, family and in this case, house chores.


Singaporeans are hard-workers, and “lepak” corners are always a good idea. Perfect for chilling, waiting, relaxing while enhancing the aesthetic of service yards.


While it is important to keep the quintessential Singaporean bamboo poles to dry clothes, it might not always have enough space for laundry for the whole family.

More indoor drying spaces is always a good idea, seeing how Singapore is a tropical country with high rainfall. It also aids in reducing the need for machine drying, saving energy and money.