Advantages of Blinds

Installing blinds in your home is both practical and aesthetic. Blinds provide a greater degree of protection to your home plus they are more durable than curtains. Here are a few advantages of installing blinds in your home.

1) Light Control: Installing blinds in Singapore is a blessing as they provide amazing protection from the sun. It is almost always sunny in Singapore and the summer months can be especially hot. Blinds provide just the right amount of protection from the sun and keep your house cool. The problem with curtains is that they do not block the sun completely which can result in a heated home. Blinds, which are installed tightly, can completely block sunlight. You have the discretion to open them as and when you feel like. Blinds act as a blessing during hot summer months in Singapore.

2) Complete privacy: Blinds provide greater privacy than curtains. You can completely block out view from outside. For complete privacy you may install top down blinds. You can open these blinds from the top to enjoy sunlight while keeping the privacy intact.

3) Easy to maintain: Blinds are easy to maintain as you just need a damp cloth to clean dust from it. If we compare curtains, maintaining curtains requires a laundry or dry cleaning service which is expensive and time consuming. Moreover, blinds are super durable as they are made with aluminium or wood. The chances of wear and tear are very low when compared with curtains.

Whatever style you have in mind for the rooms in your home, consider installing blinds. Not only can they become a unique feature of the room, but they also don’t have to cost a bomb. More often than not they can be cheaper than buying and installing curtains.