Advantages of Motorized Curtain Blinds

When combined with smart lighting mechanism, the smart blind can help to increase the amount of sunlight coming in the home to decrease the use of electricity.

Here we present you with advantages of motorised curtain blinds which will help you to ascertain their benefits for you.


Motorized curtain can be easily operated with the help of a button, remote control or any mobile application installed in the smartphone. Window covering is an effective method to decrease solar merits and avoid loss of heat and it is comparatively advantageous for you and your environment. Moreover, the potential to place a routine to open and close them at a particular time make it much more convenient to use.

Energy accommodation:

Pairing motorized curtains and roller blinds in Singapore with smart home hub can support in decreasing the quantity of every unit of electricity consumed by your HVAC system. Roller blinds and curtains can be programmed to work in sync with the temperature and sunlight sensors paired to smart hub, making it more efficient. Plus, the motorised curtains in Singapore will know when it’s time to close in hot hours of the day to decrease HVAC utilisation.

A smarter way to integration:

Smart thermostats are known to have integrated data to ascertain in what case opening and closing of motorized curtains will support in decreasing utilisation of energy. Like what part of the day it is, what is the kind of weather and what is the prevailing temperature inside your house. By utilising these data, the thermostat can improve the environment of the room and keep in cool or hot accordingly.