An Introduction to Venetian Blinds

When you wish to buy window blinds for your home in Singapore, there are a variety of options available to you. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Mainly, the decision has to be made between the most popular two options, the venetian blinds or roller blinds; both of them are highly popular options but venetian blinds in Singapore are ultimately the best ones.

Venetian blinds in Singapore are uniquely different in many ways, and are unrecognisable when compared to the other blinds, despite the fact that these blinds serve the same function.

The venetian blinds in Singapore comprise of several slats which work as a singl e unit, and can easily be rolled up and down by a cord. When the venetian blinds are open, the slats move together and settle firmly at the top of the window and, when these are shut down, the slats open up, to settle along the entire length of the window.

One of the most significant characteristics of the Venetian blinds in Singapore is that the angle of the slats available, can very easily be altered. If you want light to enter the room then the slats can be made to sit facing downwards, which implies, that there is a thin gap between each and every slat. If you want the blinds to be closed completely, the slats can be made to to overlap each other and block away any light. Thus the venetian blinds in Singapore serve the same purpose of any other blind or curtain.

It is absolutely true that venetian blinds are extremely stylish and are very popular these days. They are often used in conservatories and other social areas of the house.