Choose the Right Colour of Your Window Coverings at Home

Whether you are using curtains or blinds for your windows, it is important that you choose the perfect colour that will complement to the entire room. For some people, this task is a piece of cake. However for others, choosing the perfect hue can be a daunting task. But worry no more because we will provide you with easy-to-follow techniques on how to choose the right colour of window coverings for your home.  

 Identify the purpose of your window coverings  

Before choosing the right colour, you also have to consider where you are going to put your window coverings. You need to know its purpose. Remember, different rooms might require different types of windows or blinds. Thus, ask yourself the following:   

  • Do you want a window covering that will totally block the sunlight?  
  • Or do you want something lighter to brighten up the room?  
  • Do you prefer curtains?  
  • Or do you want to try out blinds? 

Think about the function so you can limit your options. By doing so, it will be easier for you to decide which colour is best.  

Look at your existing home decor 

Let’s assume that we are just re-decorating your room with existing furniture and home decor. If this is the case, choosing the colour of your window covering should be easier. Our practical tip is to use your accent colours. Look around and check your rug. How about your painting, coffee table, couch, shelves – even your decorative pillows! You can get ideas on what colour of window covering to use just by picking one of your accent colours.  

Adapt your wall’s colour scheme  

Here’s another safe trick if you are to get new window coverings for your home – check out your walls! So for example your walls are painted white, then get curtains or blinds one or two shades darker than that. This should be easy on the eyes and again, your safest bet.   

The power of complementary colours 

The colour wheel is your best friend if you want to change or choose a new colour of window covering. It allows you to easily identify which palette works perfectly with each other. If you are using a dominant colour in your room or a particular area in your home, choose a complementary colour from the wheel and you will never go wrong.   

You can go neutral as well 

Your window covering does not have to scream colours all the time. If you want to tame down your room, then choosing neutral-coloured curtains or blinds will do the trick. But if you still want to add character, then choose the ones with subtle designs and different textures. Plain window coverings are recommended to balance out an already decorative room or area. This is to avoid distorting the overall look and feel of the room.     

Now, if you are still not confident on which colour of window covering to use, our team of professionals can provide you with an expert advice. In addition, we make quality curtains and blinds that will fit perfectly in any area. Make an appointment with us now.