Curtains or Blinds: Which one to Choose

Blinds and curtains can bring significant changes in a room and offer various benefits. And yet, they can be overlooked easily during the decoration process. When your home needs a refreshing look, blinds and curtains can prove to be more than enough to completely change the look of your home. By using the right kind of curtains and blinds, you can control the amount of heat and light entering your house.

Apart from personal choice, curtains and blinds both have different scopes and must be used accordingly. Always keep the size, look, privacy, illumination, and energy efficiency in your mind while searching the best-suited curtains and blinds in Singapore for your home. It is very important to know which one of them works better in which situations.

Following tips will help you choose between curtains and blinds easily.

  • Although curtains are the best choice for bedrooms, you can buy blinds in Singapore and put them up to give a brand new look to your bedroom. By using Roman or Timber blinds, you can add more height and depth to your small bedroom. Blinds are also a perfect option for lounge rooms and living areas. Blinds give an illusion that space is bigger than it actually is. However, it is advisable to use curtain in rooms for children since they may not handle the blinds properly.
  • Picking the right window dressing that not only looks amazing but fulfils the arduous demands of any kitchen is important. Moreover, blinds are a far better option than curtains. Blinds are affordable, easy to clean, and easy to use. There is a huge variety of blinds available in the market. You can choose the one that goes well with your overall decor needs and budget. Venetian blinds in Singapore are the best pick for the kitchen spaces.
  • You will rarely see curtains in this space but people, who want to get the best mix of curtains and blinds, can go for the Roman blinds option. It is a perfect blend of luxurious drapes and blinds mechanism. You can use the Roman blinds in the spaces like bathrooms where curtains do not work. Blinds will dry easily and not make the bathrooms smell musty as compared to curtains made out of fabric.