Different Types of Curtains for Your Living Room

The curtains are an important part of the decoration for any home. They do not only save you from the prying eyes of the outsiders but also protect you from excess light or heat. The right kind of curtains can give your rooms a dramatic effect. While buying curtains for the living room, you should keep several things in your mind.

The first thing you should consider is the size of the windows so that you can buy the perfect size. Next thing is your interior. If your home has a specific theme-based interior, try to match the curtains and get outdoor blinds in Singapore.

Here are some types of curtains that you can use to decorate your living area.

  • Box Pleated: This style of curtains can give your space a formal and tailored look. The box pleated curtains come with the drapes into the deep folds down. This is why box pleated style is a perfect pick for the areas such as dining, study, living, and lounge areas. Choose a shade that suits the colour scheme of your home décor.
  • Pinch Pleated: To give your living room a decorative finish, choose this style of curtains in Singapore. If you prefer a specific fabric for the curtains, you need not worry since this style works effortlessly with most of the fabrics. In this style, you can choose the pinch pleating as per your choice. More pleats require more fabric, so it is completely in your hands to go with 3-finger pinch pleats or 5-finger pinch pleats.
  • Goblet Pleats: If you are looking for motorized curtains, you can go for curtains that suit your traditionally styled living room, goblet pleats style is the right pick without a doubt. The top part of the pleats resembles the wine glasses. To keep the goblet pleats properly rounded, it is important to use wadding or interlining to give the proper round shape.