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Does your home’s Window Dressing spark joy?

The type of Window Dressing we have, such as curtains and blinds, are often not given as much attention to, even though they can make a big difference to your home. Most of us do not question if our window dressing fit our preference and needs, and we just stick to the status quo.


As such, I want to pose a question to you readers; does your home’s Window Dressing spark joy in you? Does it maximise your intentions and preferences for it?

Choosing the right kind of Window Dressing is a simple choice that could save you a lot of hassle, beautify your home in an understated and coherent way, and most of all, bring you delight.


For instance, if you would like a lot of natural light, you may want to swap your out heavy window treatments such as drapes and thick curtains for blinds or sheer curtains. Heavy Window treatments can make a room look dim and dusky even when they are open, which could make a room feel gloomy, whereas blinds give you the control of letting in as much light as you would like. In addition, heavy Window Treatments can be cumbersome to open and close every day, and troublesome to manage, which brings an unnecessary burden to yourself. If you have a great view outside, a Window Dressing that won’t obstruct the view would be optimal.

Another salient point to consider is the purpose of each room of your abode and what type of window treatment would be the most apt for that room. Perhaps it’s your bedroom, and you would like a window treatment that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also allows for complete privacy; or perhaps it’s your bathroom, where you would want a window treatment that is waterproof and easy to clean. Also, depending on your lifestyle, especially if you have a hectic one, you might want to pick a window treatment that is easy to maintain and durable instead of one that requires frequent cleaning and updating

Last but not least, having your Window Treatment go well with the style, colour and theme of your room could really lift your room by enhancing its aesthetic, and making it more pleasing and inviting. In conclusion, there is a range of things to consider when it comes to choosing your Window Dressing, and a myriad of styles and types of Window Dressing that could be optimal for you based on your own personal and unique life. So, really understanding your own preferences and needs would really help you in choosing, or changing to, a Window Dressing that would make your life easier as well as spark joy within you. There is simply no reason to stick to the status quo.


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