Features of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds add on to the glamour of the home décor, and this is the very reason these are much in demand in the current times. Luxury with comfort is what makes these Venetian blinds so popular all around the world. In cities like Singapore, Venetian blinds are available in many varieties and can be exported to any corner of the world.

There are many other varieties of blinds available in Singapore, but the Venetian Blinds are the most popular ones. People should know the basic characteristics of the Venetian blinds so that they do not get confused among others.

Here is a list of Venetian blinds characteristics, and features, which will help individuals to distinguish the same from the others:

  • These are horizontal slats arranged either in a square or a rectangular shape.
  • These slats can be controlled through a string manually or can be motorized depending upon the requirement and demand of the customer.
  • Venetian blinds are best to control sunlight and ensure privacy.
  • Unlike other blinds, the Venetian blinds also have an extra edge over total privacy wherein there is no space left between the slats to even peep inside.
  • These are appropriate for both homes, and offices; and therefore these are extensively used in the corporate and commercial building also.
  • These can be made available in different sizes and shapes, which is usually a restriction with other types of blinds.
  • These can be easily cleaned daily with the help of a dry cloth and can be dismantled to have in-depth cleaning also.

Buying Venetian blinds in Singapore or any other place will not be a hard nut to crack if one knows these distinguishing features, and also no dealer will be able to cheat the customer.