How to decorate your BTO for Christmas

Don’t you agree that the holiday time is the best time to put on your designer cap and spruce up your BTO for a “Christmas-y” feel? Your spirit of the holidays and the mood of your guests would depend a lot on how you decorate your house. The merrier the decoration, the more joyful is the celebration. Here are some tips from our experts at The Finishing Line on how to decorate your house for this holiday season.

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas is the time for big feasts: turkeys, pies, log cakes and lots of wines! Therefore, your Christmas table decorations form a central portion of your overall theme of Christmas. Spruce up the table with candles, mini Christmas trees and an evergreen centrepiece.


Christmas Door Decorations

They say first impression count, and this is especially true when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Welcome your guests with a heart-warming sight of your gorgeous Christmas door decorations! Experiment with decorations like fairy lights, Christmas door wreaths and even some cute snowman!


Christmas Window DecorationsAmidst all indoor Christmas decorations, you should never miss out on the individual parts of your rooms and inner home décor. One such corner is your windows, which can completely transform the look of your house!

Purchase some Christmas decal and window stickers from online and complement these décor with our TimberCast blinds that provide a traditional charm with their minimalist and modern look!


Christmas Wall Decorations

Give your walls the Christmas touch this holiday by using these awesome Christmas wall decoration ideas!

You will discover plenty of ideas for creating winter scenes, beautiful landscapes, and festive images on the walls of your rooms. Not only are they easy to set up, but they also do not take up any space as compared to a Christmas tree. Be it the quilted wall hanging or vintage Christmas wall art, you can decorate your walls with a variety of Christmas wall decorations.

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