Is Automation Needed?

Home automation, also called domotics, is providing control for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and even appliances like washers, dryers or ovens. The monitoring and control of the same is done by Wi-Fi. The purpose of automation was initially to save labor. But it has then progressed into just making life easier.

All automated systems are controlled by a single console, thereby reducing the use of multiple switches. Some feel that such automation is not viable for everyone, and that one needs a lot of technical knowledge to use and understand these systems. That may not always be true. The technicalities of using some systems can be easily understood in a matter of minutes.

Imagine a rainy afternoon, sitting with the spouse on the couch and watching a romantic movie. Without home automation, one would have to waste some time dimming the lights or closing the curtains and blinds.

But automation helps to do all that without having to move from where you are sitting. With the click of a button, the motorized curtains and motorized blinds are activated, the lighting dims and your time and effort is saved.

While home automation is still not very wanted, it is gaining in popularity. It is useful, not just in window furnishing or controlling home appliances, but also in securing the house from fires or break-ins, since the house can be controlled and monitored remotely and wirelessly. With such systems becoming more and more affordable, if the need arises, the possibility for opting for it becomes as easy as the system itself.