Motorized Blinds for your home

Dressing up your windows is very important when you are decorating your house. Not only do curtains and blinds look nice, they also maintain the privacy of your house and protect from direct sunlight and dust. While people tend to prefer curtains over blinds for their homes, blinds are better at keeping privacy intact. The reason for preferring curtains over blinds is the large variety of curtains available in the market. However, blinds give a higher degree of protection from sun, dust and other foreign particles.

While some consumers hesitate from buying blinds because of the numerous drawstrings attached to blinds. These strings can get tangled and be a source of discomfort each time you try to adjust the blinds. Opting for motorized blinds solve the problem of tangled strings. Motorized blinds are fully automatic blinds which can be adjusted from the comfort of your couch with just a click of a button. These blinds might be slightly expensive than the regular blinds but they are totally worth every extra penny you spend on them.

Motorized blinds in Singapore can be clubbed with smart lighting in order to conserve more energy. The smart lighting setting can be done in such a way that when the blinds are open at daytime, the smart lighting dims itself automatically. Similarly during night, when the blinds are closed smart lighting can be brighter. This will help to maximize the usage of sunlight and reduce electricity consumption, hence cutting costs. In a country like Singapore, when sun shines brightly throughout the day, combining blinds and smart lighting can really help you to save on electricity. It can safely be said that the extra investment on installing Motorized blinds will not be a waste as there will be immense savings on electricity bill in Singapore!