Motorized Blinds & Their Management

Home is where the world resides! And therefore ones home should be the most comfortable place to live in. it should be a perfect blend of comfort and class; and here is when motorized blinds come into the picture.

In cities like Singapore, a new trend has started of people decorating their interiors with motorized blinds; and since then, all the home interior designers have been flooded with orders for motorized blinds for Singapore.

The motorized blinds not only look good but are also efficient to manage. Moreover, due to its infrastructural beauty people in Singapore prefer using motorized blinds to add on to the overall look from the window.

Moreover, these motorized blinds are not difficult to maintain; in fact, it will not be wrong to say that these need minimum requirements. The only effort which the user needs to put in is to clean and wash the blind ones or twice a year; depending upon the amount of dirt it accumulates.

There are many stores in Singapore where motorized blinds get cleaned and repaired. But, if an individual wish to clean these at home, the following steps can be taken:

  • Dismantling the blind and removing the cloth from the panels.
  • Cleaning the cloth separately with any detergent one wishes to use.
  • Laying the blind on the floor, and carefully cleaning the panels with a wet cloth.
  • One can also submerge the blinds in a tub full of soap and water and can clean it with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Later on, one can hand back the blind to let it dry, and later on, cover it with a cloth.

Caution must be taken while this whole process, that no panel is damaged due to harsh cleaning is done.

Motorized blinds in Singapore have become the staple attraction of every house, and people are improvising on the same to make the house more eye-catching.