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Smart motorized blinds in singapore

Another popular choice of window furnishings other than curtains that Singaporeans look at to keep their home and office cool from the hot sun in Singapore is the installation of curtain blinds.

Quality blinds should not be underestimated as they are much more useful than you would normally assume. Windows alone without window furnishing are just holes in the wall. But when you add window furnishing to your windows like curtains and blinds, you can enjoy a number of benefits. There are many types of blinds that The Finishing Line provides. From roller blinds, Venetian blinds, to outdoor blinds. They are all at varying prices that everyone can pick to suit their own style and taste.

Blinds not only provide you with the much-needed privacy in your room, but they also add an accent to your room and protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, keeping you cool in the hot humid weather in Singapore.

Why install motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds are almost the same as motorized curtains, except that blinds are more desirable and popular within modern households. With motorized blinds, you will be able to control and position your blinds without having to get up from wherever you are.


Sometimes, blinds can be installed on windows that are hard to reach. Motorized blinds allow you to tackle hard to reach blinds. There will be no need to strain yourself by trying to reach out on blinds installed on higher windows. Just sit back, relax, and remotely control your motorized blinds to close and open at will. No more hassle running to roll up and down the blinds. With one touch of a button, you will be able to control the natural lighting that you desire.

Protection against outdoor elements

The same as manual roller blinds, these motorized blinds also grants protection against the elements such as the sun and rain and will help to protect your furniture from the harsh UV rays of the sun and the driving rain in Singapore when installed in your outdoor space. Your furniture’s life will be prolonged.

Installing motorized blinds outdoors also helps to keep you and your guest comfortable when chilling in the outdoor entertainment area. When you are chilling with your guests and the sun shines onto you, just push a button to lower down your blinds. Your guests may be amazed by how convenient and efficient your motorized blinds are.

Motorized blinds are able to enhance your lifestyle. They are more efficient and convenient than manual blinds. Contact The Finishing Line today to motorize your blinds for a feel of living in paradise!

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Homeowners who wish to live by a good standard of living are often piqued by motorizing blinds. These are another addition to the list of automated home décor items that have brought about a revolution in the way people live. In megacities like Singapore, motorized blinds have become a common household item these days, with more and more people buying these.

In Singapore, Motorized blinds are not just a symbol of a high standard of living but also have other benefits that are worth going for:

With so many advantages to enjoy, it would be a sensible decision to go for motorized blinds in Singapore or any other city!