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Premium Quality Curtains and Blinds for Any Home and Office

Curtains and blinds are window furnishings that are an essential part of any home and office. A lot of time, people do not see what curtains and blinds can do in enhancing a room.

Curtains are more than just a sheer piece of cloth hanging by the window. Curtains are a window furnishing that accentuates your home and office. When you first step into a room, your eyes would be naturally drawn to the colors and the flow of the curtains in the room. It adds beauty and a sense of style to your home and office.

Curtains are not the only type of window furnishing that can add style to your room. Roller blinds are also becoming popular these days, mostly because of the edgy look they give to your window.

Curtains and blinds are also windows furnishings that protect you from the harsh rays of the sun, especially in a hot and humid country such as Singapore. It helps block out the sun and reduces glare. It can also provide you with better sleep and prevent you from getting a rude awakening by the glare of the sun. Blocking out the sun rays also help to keep the room cool.
Unsure of what window furnishing to get? The Finishing Line will be here to help you out.

The Finishing Line for Beautiful and Stylish Window Furnishing
Ever since The Finishing line was founded in 2016, the company has been crafting Premium Blinds and designer quality window furnishing for both homeowners, and corporate clients in Singapore. No home and office are complete without a perfect set of curtains and blinds.

We at The Finishing Line like to keep simplicity at its best. Each of our curtains and blinds is meticulously handcrafted by our honest, talented, and hard-working artisans, sewn with loving hands for a hint of personal touch to each curtain and blind.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see – Edgar Degas”

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