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Outdoor Blinds for Your Balcony and Patio

Does your BTO HDB flat come with a balcony? or currently living in a flat that has a balcony? Balconies let you enjoy the sky without stepping outside your home and makes a great place for relaxation after a long day. Even if you only have a tiny balcony, you can turn your little space into a pocket garden, a dining area or even a workstation!

The first step you need to do to build the extra living space is to get outdoor blinds for your balcony.

What is the most common blinds use for balcony in Singapore?


 The most common shades used for a balcony is outdoor roller blinds. When it comes to simple, practical and affordable outdoor dressing solution, Outdoor Roller Blinds is one of the more economical sunshade choices for a home balcony.

Outdoor Roller Blinds gives an excellent sun protection and with a variety of textures and colours of fabric selection, they add style and privacy to your outdoor areas.

These custom-made Outdoor Roller Blinds are directly mounted either ceiling or wall, it also comes with stainless steel side guide cable which helps to prevent the fabric from twisting or flipping.

However, the side guide cable is not enough to hold it down from flapping in stormy weather or extremely strong wind.


What is the most popular blinds use for balcony in Singapore?

The most popular outdoor shade in Singapore is the Zip Guide System Blinds. Made entire in Italy by Batgroup, widely popular among Singaporeans due to its functionality and sleek design.

The Zip Guide System Blinds is suitable for both niche and wall installation in the big opening like a balcony. The frame of the system secures the fabric on all edges and is strong enough to resist 19 km/h winds, prevent the blinds from flapping, perfect for Singapore’s climate.

The Zip Guide System Blinds It is designed to seamlessly blend into the façade, it comes with a motorized version which you can control it by using the controller or from the phone on your the smart home system.

Shielding your family and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare, even insects and yet still provide good ventilation, it could easily be the perfect outdoor blinds for your balcony to extend living space.

You can now do alfresco dining with a view in your own home! Contact The Finishing Line today, make an appointment and visit our showroom to find out more.