PVC or Timbercast Blinds?

Choosing between PVC and Timbercast Blinds

With so many materials that can be used to produce window blinds, choosing the right material can be a difficult task. Blinds can help to control light going into your home, increase the insulation and make a visual impact just to name a few. However, different materials can have their advantages and drawbacks. So which types of blinds will be better suited for your home?


Traditional Charm

Timbercast blinds are perfect for any room. In contrast to normal PVC blinds that have colour variations which limits your choice of style, the colours for Timbercast blinds are more uniformed as they are printed on. If you are going for the minimalist and modern look, the Timbercast blinds which exude a luxurious charm might just be what you are looking for!  Being fully customisable, it gives you the freedom of creating the blinds in the style and colour of your choice.


Economical and Practical

After splashing out a big chunk from your pocket for your new haven, you may think twice when choosing an expensive piece of furniture like real wood Venetian blinds. But fret not! Timbercast blinds are an economical alternative to real wood Venetians. Furthermore, they are more practical as they can be cleaned easily. More importantly for homes in Sunny Singapore, unlike PVC slats, Timbercast is made of PS and does not wrap easily under strong sunlight and high temperature. The unique material allows Timbercast blinds to be installed in areas with high humidity, high temperatures and even direct sunlight. Which makes this the perfect economical choice for our beautiful sunny Island! In fact, our Timbercast blinds underwent 730 light hours of lab-simulated weathering test done by TÜV SÜD Group. With no cracks or warpage at the end of the test, our Timbercast does not disappoint!


Added Convenience and Safety

After a long week, you just want to lay in your comfort zone and not move another inch. Don’t worry, your desires have been heard! For extra convenience and safety, your Timbercast blinds can be fitted with a motor to enable remote control operation via automation. Providing you the comfort that you want without the effects of the sun!


So what are you waiting for? Head down to our showroom and get a feel of the luxurious quality of Timbercast today!


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