Roller Blinds in Singapore

In Singapore, Roller blinds are the upcoming curtain trend in offices, bathrooms, homes and stores. These blinds are typically made up of numerous vertical and horizontal slats. These slats come in a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal. They are held together by cords, which run through the blind slats. Some blinds run on a remote control and other have to be manually operated. Blinds are basically used for the purpose of covering windows and act like curtains.

Window shades are usually made of stiffened polyester. The polyester slats are mounted on to a metal pole and can be operated either with a spring mechanism or a side chain. Roller blinds are extremely popular for bathroom windows. These blinds provide the utmost privacy. Roller blinds are also popularly used in rooms where one wants to completely block out the incoming light. People with light sleep patterns should consider the installation of a roller blind in order to ensure that the morning sun doesn’t disturb their sleep.

Another great place to install a roller blind is your home theatre room. The roller blinds ability to completely block out any kind of incoming light can enhance picture and movie quality.

These shades are also used in the bathroom for complete privacy. Bathroom roller blinds usually come in a waterproof material so that no amount of water splashed against them can ruin the blind. Besides the bathroom, another excellent place to install a window shade is a sea facing the living room with French windows. Living rooms that are sea facing have to bear the brunt of the burning sun at some point of time during the day, in order to avoid your beautiful paintings and carpets from getting ruined by the heat of the sun, installation of a window shade is recommended.

Recent times have also seen the installation of window shade in 5-star hotel rooms. A guest suffering from jet lag can find these shades extremely convenient in order to catch a nap and adjust his body clock in accordance with the local time.

There is a large variety of window shade available in the market. Roller blinds come in multiple colours; textures and the price range of these blinds vary. There are numerous décor stores that stock window shades and also one can find a range of window shades online.

So if you’re looking for privacy and looking to block out the light from your eyes, you may want to consider investing in a good window shade immediately!