Smart Home Automation in Singapore

In today’s world, where everything is done at the click of a button, our homes are not far from the influence of modernization. Homes have become smart homes and house wives have become smart wives. The doors no longer adorn the conventional lock and key. All you need to do is use your smart phone to unlock the door. This is the boon of home automation which has the changed the way we live in this modern world.

Home automation means making the operation of the home appliances and gadgets convenient and easier. It involves controlling the operation of the electrical or electronic devices like lights, fans, security alarm, air conditioners, TVs, etc. with a remote device like a smart phone or an individual remote. You can control them not only when you are at home, but also when you are not at home.

If you are a working mother, and go to office leaving your teenaged children at home or your little child with the maid, you can monitor their activities on your mobile or laptops in your office itself with the help of these automation systems. The main components of home automation are sensors, controlling devices and actuators.

The sensors detect temperature, sound, light, movement, etc. and send the signals to the controlling devices. The controlling devices can be your smart phones, smart watches, laptops or desktops or any other programmed device. All these devices are programmed according to the functional needs of the operating system. The controlling mechanisms like switches, motors, etc. are the actuators which control the equipment of the home. The elderly and disabled can operate he fans and electrical lights, or open the windows and doors without going through the agony of moving around painfully. They also feel safe with the surveillance camera which shows who is at the door.

There are wired and wireless varieties of home automation systems. For more details, you can contact your local dealer or log on to the internet for a comparative study of the products, price and services.