Techniques in Cleaning Roller Blinds Effectively

It is not difficult to clean roller blinds in Singapore. Neither is the process expensive. Procedures depend on the type of material you decide to use. There are some roller blinds in Singapore that can be soaked in water. This type is easy to clean. All you need is water, bathtub, pail, soft and clean rag and a portable vacuum cleaner.

You should have the following ready: mild laundry powder, soft cloth or sponge, a vacuum with brush attachment, clothesline and warm water. The steps are quite easy to carry out. Start by vacuuming if the blinds are exceptionally dirty to remove any loose dirt from the surface. Use the brush fixture to scrub the surface.

Fill ½ of your tub with warm water. Add a few scoops of powdered laundry soap. Mix up until lather accumulates on top. Spread your blinds in the bathtub like an accordion. Soak the shades for a minimum of two hours. Begin wiping from side to side with the foam or fluffy cloth to get rid of stubborn dirt or stains. You can also scrub lightly to remove the obstinate marks. Replace the soapy water with clean water. Make sure to remove all the detergent since this easily attracts grime.

Allow the roller blinds to dry completely on the rack or clothesline before reinstalling. You can also use bleach for blemishes which are hard to take away. Refrain from using harsh substances because these can scratch the fabric. Habitual cleaning can prevent dirt from accumulating on the window treatment.

There are some roller blinds in Singapore which need to be kept away from water. For this variety, you must use the spot cleaning approach. Combine the cleansing substance with warm water. This will be used as your spot cleaning solution. Test this mixture first on a spot that is not noticeable. If it is safe to apply on the entire surface, use the old toothbrush or sponge to scour the stained areas gently. Wash using clean water.

Likewise, you can use an ordinary feather duster or a soft and clean cloth to wipe away the dust. Or, you can wrap the cloth around a thin rod to reach the narrow laths easily. This method is ideal for the fragile metal type of blinds that can be easy to turn. Avoid cleaning blinds with high-pressure car wash hose. Get rid of the leftover water to avoid staining and deformation. It is advisable to vacuum the roller blinds with the vacuum brush accessory.