TimberCast Genesis, Your Next Investment for Your Home

Just recently, The Finishing Line has launched our latest window dressing – TimberCast Genesis!

In today’s age, we must get something durable, easy to clean, yet will give your house than instant classy vibe. Now, let’s talk about TimberCast Genesis.

What is TimberCast Genesis?
If you have read our previous post, TimberCast blinds per se are made of polystyrene. This means it can endure extreme temperatures and will not emit poisonous gas, which means having this type of window treatment is safe for everyone.

TimberCast Genesis differs from the usual TimberCast blinds in its duo colours elements, this means you can add more flair to your home.

Why do people get TimberCast Genesis?
Do you want to know the reasons why others love their TimberCast Genesis apart from its unique style?


Here are what the customers say.

TimberCast Genesis is perfect for people who are always busy
Well, we all want to have a dust-free home, right? It is not because dusts are generally annoying. It’s actually more for hygiene purposes.

With our busy schedule at work, we often do not have the time to clean traditional curtains as they would require a lot of time and resources. We need to remove it, wash it and dry it, and this can take hours or days to finish. But with TimberCast Genesis, we just need to put the slats down, wipe it, and
we are all done.

TimberCast Genesis gives us the privacy whenever we need it
The thing that we love about blinds is that it is flexible. You can adjust it depending on our needs. If we want some privacy then totally shut it down. If we want some light to pass through, that’s possible as well. That is exactly why TimberCast Genesis is perfect for all areas of our home. We can use it in
our bedroom, living room, study, or even our kitchen. It is extremely versatile!

TimberCast Genesis can last for years
One of the best features of TimberCast Genesis is that it can withstand the test of time. That’s important in this modern age. You wouldn’t want to get a new window covering every single year, would you? Save that money and spend it for your next out of town trip with your family, that’s more ideal right? With TimberCast Genesis, your blinds can last for years! That’s saving you a lot of time, money and effort.

We can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t love TimberCast Genesis, get yours now exclusively from The Finishing Line.