Tips on choosing your window blinds for first-time homeowners



Most new homeowners make the same mistake of thinking that window blinds are not a necessity, often leaving it to be the last item to check on their to-buy list. Appliances, artwork, lighting, sofas and beds – these are often the top priorities among young couples, with window blinds at the bottom of the shopping list.


It is only when they start experiencing extreme heat from the Singapore sun, or those irritating sunbeams shining into their room when they are having one of their best sleep, or worst – nosy neighbours intruding on their privacy, do they start noticing the pressing need for window blinds. You do not think about them, until you have to think about them.


The truth is, your window blinds are one of the most multifaceted and interesting part of the building fabric of your new Build-To-Order (BTO) house. Having quality blinds in your house can make your home more comfortable, elevate its overall ambience and most importantly, reduce energy costs.


Which type of window blinds should I go for?

A well-chosen window blinds can have a transformative effect on any room. For first-time homeowners, we would often recommend them to go for roller blinds as your window blinds. Not only are they lower in maintenance over curtains, they are also more practical and look really great when pulled down. As compared to other types of window blinds like roman blinds, they are also able to prevent light from penetrating in the room and also create privacy.


We have seen an uptick of interests in higher quality window blinds over the recent years, as more and more couples understand the importance of a well decorated home. This is also one of the reasons why our Timbercast blinds are seeing a surge in demand.




What is Timbercast blinds for window blinds? 

Timbercast blinds are both durable and luxurious, and their unique material allows them to be installed in areas with high humidity and high temperatures.


Unlike normal PVC blinds that have colour variations, the colours for Timbercast are more uniformed as they are printed on. In fact, they have been developed by us to capture the real look of wood without the inconsistencies with colour, grain and pattern you might find with real timber. This gives the window blinds a more uniform appearance.


As they are not real wood, they are a great economical alternative to real wood Venetians. For first time homeowners on a budget, not so willing to spend a lot on window blinds and yet still want something luxurious for their home, Timbercast blinds are able to offer the look of real wood at just a fraction of the cost of wooden blinds.


Most importantly, Timbercast has better heat properties and has also been certified to be free of harmful gases under strong sunlight – making it the perfect option for families.


At The Finishing Line, we are also able to fully customise your Timbercast blinds – from the colours of each individual slats to the cord string – giving you full control of how you want your window blinds to look like.

Want to know more about Timbercast blinds? Reach us via +65 6589 8189 to arrange an appointment with us today!

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