Types of curtains for your living room

Dressing up your windows is a major part of interior decoration. Curtains are very impactful and must be chosen with care. A curtain which does not go well with the rest of the interior decoration can make the room look tasteless and unsightly. Living in an island country like Singapore, which receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, you absolutely cannot ignore curtains. Ample of sunlight is the last thing you need inside your living room. Curtains in Singapore act as a savior from the hot sun. Here are a few styles that will make a great choice of curtains in Singapore.

1) Floral Curtains: Floral printed curtains look very lively and colorful. They add a dash of color to the otherwise plain room. Dark prints on a subtler base can make your room look aesthetic. It would allow just the right amount of sunlight into the room. Self printed floral curtains are also a great choice. They go well with subtle and classy interiors.

2) Solid colored curtains: these curtains have no prints. You can mix and match two colors for your curtains for that extra zing. Bright solid colors make the living room look vibrant while blocking the sun effectively. Along with solid curtains you can also go for double paneled curtains. A transparent curtain on the outside with a solid curtain on the inside is preferred. Solid curtains can be drawn in early evenings to let the sunlight come through the transparent ones.

3) Embroidered curtains: Embroidered curtains look very elegant. These are a little on the fancier side. Its price is higher than plain or printed curtains. The price keeps increasing depending upon how intricate the embroidery is. Silk or organza curtains with embroidery

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