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Venetian Blinds Singapore

A window with any window furnishing is just a hole in the wall. Installing window furnishings such as curtains and blinds can help to give your window personality and enjoy a number of benefits as well. Whether you are installing window furnishing for your new BTO flat in Singapore or just redecorating your home, curtains and blinds can make a difference by giving your home ambiance and personality.

Apart from curtains, blinds are a great addition to your windows in Singapore. Here at The Finishing line, we offer a variety of blinds. One is the Venetian blinds.

Venetian Blinds Singapore – A Popular Choice Of Windows Furnishing

Venetian blinds Singapore are blinds that come in horizontal slats which are one above another. They are a classic, and elegant window treatment and is a popular choice of windows furnishing in Singapore. They are not to be underestimated and are much more useful than you think.


One great thing about Venetian blinds Singapore is that they can give you incredible control over how much light enters the home and office by controlling the blades. The ability to adjust the tilt of the blades of the blinds also give you maximum and precise control over the amount of privacy that you have.

Low maintenance

Venetian blinds Singapore are also low maintenance as they do not need to be washed to keep them at their best. Unlike curtains that need to be washed, you only need to wipe your Venetian blinds with a cloth occasionally to keep them clean. You will not have to worry about the long hours and hassle of cleaning them.

Stylish and versatile

The biggest benefit that you can get from installing Venetian blinds Singapore is that they look incredible and great in any home. This is because of different available materials and widths. You can choose from aluminum, timber, or PVC. Venetian blinds are flexible enough to suit almost every room style and taste to complement your furniture. If your home consists of wooden furniture, you can choose a timber style blind to complement your furniture.

Easy to install

Venetian blinds Singapore are easy to install and can also be customized to suit any window that you have. Unlike curtains where you have to measure and hunt for specific sizes, blinds are much more convenient to install. You will not have to worry about the blinds not fitting your window shape and size.

For maximum convenience, you may also look for the help of professionals to aid you in your installation of Venetian blinds in Singapore. Here at The Finishing Line, we will be able to deliver professional services for the installation of your Venetian blinds in Singapore. Contact us now!

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