Window dressings that can dramatically improve your view

Planning to change your window dressing but have no idea where to start? Here is a quick guide where you’d find some of our favourites. You can choose the one that will perfectly reflect your personality.

Soft neutral-coloured window dressing

You can never go wrong with neutral-coloured window dressings as they look good in most, if not all walls. It can make your home lighter and fresher in an instant. Small-home owners will benefit from soft neutral-coloured curtains.

Navy blue window dressings

Blue is a hue that is loved by people around the globe. It screams calmness, serenity, and security, which makes it one of the best choices when it comes to curtains. There are also studies claiming that colour can make us more productive. So if you want to live an active lifestyle, or perhaps you have a home office, this option is favourable.

Verdant green window dressing

Second to blue, green is the next favourite colour in the world. When you see green objects, your body becomes more relaxed. In fact, it is recommended if you want to maintain optimum health. In addition, adding verdant green curtains are known to improve one’s reading abilities. In that case, you might want to put this in your office, study room, or if you have a mini-library.

Vertical striped window dressing

Stripes can do magic. If you choose the right one, it can make the space bigger. If you are living in a house where there is low ceiling, you might want to choose vertical striped window dressing. Horizontal stripes can visually shorten walls. Depending on your preference, striped curtains can instantly give character to any area.


Sheer window dressing

Sheer curtains are considered classy and timeless. It can make any window or wall for that matter, more beautiful. This is perfect if your room has a lot of patterns as sheer curtains can soften the area. To have a more elegant feel, make this window dressing longer than the window itself. In fact, it will look even better when it slightly touches the ground.

Royal purple window dressing

This colour, in general, can be rarely seen in nature unlike green and blue. Thus, it gives your home that mysterious vibe. But more often than not, purple is associated with royalty. This means your space can have that wealthy and classy look without so much effort.



Golden window dressing

We all know that gold screams success, winning, and victory! Now if you want to set your mood to win in life, then adding a golden window dressing might be a good idea. Like purple, gold can give any space an immediate feel of royalty.


Geometric-pattern curtains  

If you are not afraid to experiment, then this is the way to go. Geometric-pattern window dressings can definitely make your space stand out. It’s playful and can easily get attention.

So what’s your pick?