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Home automation is also known as a smart home. Home automation involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, security, and even home furnishings such as curtains.

Wi-Fi is often used for remote monitoring and control over home automation from your phone or a remote control and can be controlled remotely by a time schedule from any room in your home as well as any location by phone or internet. There is also the usage of voice control and Siri voice control for your home automation.

You do not have to have a huge mansion to get started with home automation in Singapore. Get started in a home of any size, scale, or scope – from a brand new BTO flat to a landed property mansion in Singapore. You can begin by adding in motorized curtains to your home or rooms where it matters most and slowly upgrade to adding more home automation features such as smart locks, automated lighting, and automated air-conditioning.
Start small to make your life easier with home automation in Singapore.

Why Choose Home Automation Singapore?

Home automation gives us the luxury and feeling of living in a paradise. It makes your life more convenient and hassle-free. There are many smart devices that put together a smart home. Televisions, aircondition, door locks, light bulbs, curtains and so much more. But the real magic starts when all these are joined together and played in beauty and grace, as if in a symphony of an orchestra.

In Singapore, we all have days where we will feel extremely worn out and tired from a long day or a long week from work, and all we ever want to do is to just stay put in one place without having to move our tired feet. This is where home automation comes in handy and serves as a personal helper to you and your home.

Home Automation Projects In Singapore

With home automation Singapore, you will be able to instruct your home as per your command without having to move an inch from the comfortable spot that you are in – as long as you have your phone and remote control with you. Just lie back, relax, and watch the magic happen before your very eyes.

With a touch of a button, you will be able to remotely control when you would want to turn on the lights, when you would want open or close the curtains, and when you would want to turn on the air-conditioning system in your home.

Home automation Singapore will also help you to save up on your electricity bills. On days where you are rushing for time and worry that you may have forgotten to turn off your lights, and air-conditioning, home automation will allow you to check if they are turned off. Home automation will also allow you to turn them on at specific times.

There is also safety in home automation Singapore. Many home automation technologies help to make homes safer and more secure. Automated lighting thwarts would-be burglars, and motion sensors help people enter doors and walkways easier at night without worrying about injuring themselves in the dark.

With the weather being extremely hot and humid in Singapore, going home to a cooled environment would be a dream comes true. Home automation Singapore allows you to do so. You can pre-set your air conditioning to turn on at a specific time so that when you reach home, you can enjoy the benefits of your air-conditioning system.

You can also schedule your curtains to close in the afternoon where the sun is at its peak, and the weather is at its hottest to keep your home cool. We are your solutions to quality assured windows furnishing with smart gadgets that you can be at ease with for years to come. Contact us today!

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