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Windows without window furnishings are just holes in a wall. Your room can look plain and dull without any window furnishing and that is why window furnishing is so important and an essential to any home and office. When you first step into a room, usually the first thing that your eyes were drawn to are the colors that fill the room. Although furniture helps in making a room feels like home, window furnishings help to give a room a sense of style and personality.

Window furnishing comes in many different types. Roller blinds, curtains, shutters, Venetians, panels, and drapes. The many options just keep coming and choosing one is almost impossible. Whether you are unsure of what to pick for your newly renovated BTO flat, corporate office, or simply just looking to redecorate your room in Singapore, The Finishing Line will provide you with the best service available to help you look for the right window furnishing until maximum satisfaction.

The Finishing Line provides window furnishing services in Singapore. From curtains to blinds, and even home automation for motorized curtains.

Curtains are fabric drapery that is an essential window furnishing to any home and office. They are one of the most common window furnishings that can be found in Singapore.

Here at The Finishing Line, we provide different types of curtains to suit your needs. Such as day curtains, night curtains, and outdoor curtains.

Day curtains are lightweight and translucent, perfect for allowing natural light to pass through while preserving privacy control during the day. Night curtains prevent light from passing through, great for the bedroom to encourage better sleep patterns. Outdoor curtains are for the outdoors and are great in keeping your outdoor entertainment space cool and protected from the elements such as rain and the sun in Singapore.


For those who prefer a more modernized type of window furnishings, blinds are what you should look for. It helps to keep the home and office cool from the hot weather in Singapore. Like curtains, The Finishing Line also offers different types of blinds such as indoor blinds, outdoor blinds, roller blinds, and Venetian blinds.

Indoor blinds help to reduce the sun’s rays and glare from entering your room while also allowing some light to filter the room. Outdoor blinds help to shade the outdoor area from the rain and the sun. Venetian blinds give you precise control over how much light enters the room by controlling the blades. Roller blinds are more popular with modern homes in Singapore.

Motorized blinds and curtains

A smart home is no longer something in the distant future. You can now automate your home and office in Singapore with The Finishing Line. The future is now closer than ever.

At times, curtains may be too heavy to pull and blinds may be too high to adjust. With motorized blinds and curtains, there will be no need to pull on heavy or hard to reach window furnishings. With a touch of a button from your remote control, you will be able to remotely control and position your curtains and blinds without ever leaving the comfortable sofa.

Hard to reach window furnishings will no longer be a problem anymore. Motorized window furnishings will allow you to feel like you are living in paradise in your very home.

The Finishing Line understands that choosing the right window furnishing for your living space may be difficult. However, The Finishing line will be able to provide top quality service and help you to find the right window furnishings that you are looking for. Contact us today!

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