Motorized Curtains: The New Normal

Building a new residence or office, make the most convenient and fashionable choice ever. Install motorized curtains. The new normal that is not going to fade away at all. It indeed is no more a luxury but a new normal and the benefits that it comes with are many.

  • For Instance, They Are 100% Childproof
    Child safety is paramount in Singapore homes and therefore motorized blinds are the safest blinds that money can buy. Mostly because it doesn’t have any rope, chain or any wand.
  • Easy and Convenient To Use
    Want to enjoy the morning bed-tea with the sunset, just operate the remote and voila, there is the view. Just like you would do with the lights. In fact, few motorized curtains can be operated through smart phones. There is no manual activity required- no reaching for the cords or getting out of that snuggled-cuddly bed.
  • Comes In Whole Lot of Designs and Colors
    Just like the usual curtains, a motorized curtain comes in whole lot of designs, patterns and types. Roman or pure simple slider….the choices are endless.
  • Stylish!
    No annoying dangly bits, chains, ropes or wands make motorized blinds sleek and simple. Available in a range of colors, designs and styles, they make a stylish addition to your home. Plus along with the style, you can control the amount of privacy and light.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial properties
    With just a touch of a button, these curtains make life simpler and more convenient, making motorized blinds a welcome choice for both home and work. It is in fact one of the most fashionable choices for hotel rooms, conference hall, banquets and offocurse the living room.
  • Battery operated
    With just one remote you can program up to 20 sets of blinds together. The batteries that are used in motorized curtains remotes are lithium rechargeable. Hence, they are not heavy on the pocket.

Isn’t this a whole package?
If this doesn’t convince you, don’t know what will?